Anders Stengaard Sørensen

Supervising students projects

Supervising students projects, is my primary way of teaching at Odense University College of Engineering (IOT). The projects I supervise fall into two main categories:

Thesis projects Individual projects
These are the typical qualifying projects that you make at the end of your education, or perhaps as a midway project. You know them by names like:
  • Master Thesis projects
    - Computer Systems Engineering (Datateknologi)
    - International master students
  • Final projects
    - (Diplomingeniører)
  • Bachelor projects
    - Computer Systems Engineering (Datateknologi)
In my opinion, engineering projects should be trans- or inter-diciplinary, preferably with some degree of industrial cooperation or industrial relevance. To support this desire, I am very pleased to involve supervisors from other departments/universities, as well as industrial partners.
Individual projects/courses, formaly known as "individual study activities", are smaller projects which count as elective courses in your curriculum. If you are able to work with a good degree of independance and enthusiasm, it could be a good idea to take a portion of your elective courses as "individual study activities", as these can be tailored to your personal interests.

Individual projects/courses can be performed solo, or in groups from 2 and up. Typical individual projects are:
  • Investigation of interesting topic
      Eg. Studying and testing fuzzy control
  • Improvement of previous project
      Eg. Upgrading robot car to compete in RoboCup
  • Group projects
      Eg. We are 4 students and we would like to build ...

Further information

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